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CELL: (818) 312-0294  






Legion TV series     Making History  TV series, 1 season     Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life TV series,1 season     True Detective Mini-Series, 1 episode     Millennia Man Short    Catching Fireflies Short     Anna Nichole  TV Movie,     Welcome To The Family  TV series, 1 season     Mockingbird Lane Pilot     Ringer TV series, 1 season     Torchwood: Miracle Day Mini-Series, 1 season     Detroit 1-8-7 TV series, 1 season     In Plain Sight TV series, 1 season     12 Men Of Christmas TV Movie     Carriers  Feature     Life TV series, 5 episodes     Pushing Daisies TV series, 2 seasons     Possession Feature     Killer Instinct TV series, 1 season     Dark Shadows, Pilot     Suspect Zero  Feature     Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series, 6 seasons     Dracula: Dead and Loving It!  Feature     Hideaway  Feature     Sessions TV series, 1 season     Look Who’s Talking Too!  Feature     Sibling Rivalry  Feature     Madhouse Feature     Neon Rider TV series, 1 season     Look Who’s Talking  Feature     Wiseguy TV series, 1 season     Christmas Comes to Willow Creek  TV Movie,     Masters of the Universe  Feature     Stingray TV series, 1 season     J. Edgar Hoover  TV Movie     April Fool’s Day  Feature     Into Thin Air TV Movie    




Memoirs of a Geisha  Feature     A Very Brady Sequel  Feature     Buffalo Girls  Mini-series  The Brady Bunch Movie  Feature     City Slickers II  Feature     Robin Hood: Men In   Tights Feature     Mr. Saturday Night  Feature     Out On A Limb  Feature     City Slickers  Feature    Clan of the Cave Bear  Feature     Firebird 2015  Feature




Jane the Virgin (Series, season 4)     The Last Tycoon (Series, season 1)     Spectrum Communications Monsters 1&2 (Commercial)     (Series, season 1)     Hotel Artemis (Feature)     Shut Eye (Series, season 2)     American Crime Story: Versace (Mini-Series)     Jane the Virgin (Series, season 3)  Code Black (Series)     Angie Tribeca Season 2 (Series)     Twin Peaks (Series)     Untitled Dan Fogelman (Pilot)  The Last Tycoon (Pilot)     Six (Pilot)     Suicide Squad (Feature: reshoot unit)     Murder In the First Season 3 (Series)     Masters Of Sex (series)    The Good Place  (Series)   Dr. Strange (Feature: reshoot unit)     The House (Feature: reshoot unit)     Guardians of the Galaxy II (Feature: reshoot unit)     Ready Player One (Feature: reshoots




I.A.T.S.E., Local 706, Hollywood

I.A.T.S.E., Local 891, Vancouver



Emmy Award     Buffy The Vampire Slayer   (Prosthetics)

Emmy Award     Pushing Daisies    (Beauty & Character)

IATSE 706 Guild Award     Buffy The Vampire Slayer    (Prosthetics)

Plus 12 Emmy nominations and I Online Film & TV Association nomination

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